This Is My Country

3.5' ballad for jazz band

Written for the USAF Band of mid-America composer/arranger audition.

Between April and May of 2021 I auditioned for the United States Air Force Regional Bands composer/arranger position. Through a series of three rounds and an interview, I completed various assignments in different styles and mediums. To my pleasant surprise I made it all the way through the final round and was selected as the second choice candidate for the position. This was largely because I have one remaining year of graduate school and I made it clear that I would not drop out of school to start working. However, I have now been formally "qualified" meaning that if another position opens up in the next year, they can offer it to me without re-auditioning. While I didn't win the job (yet) I am proud of the work I created for this audition, and I am glad that I will be on their short-list as I finish my master's degrees at Peabody. I have learned so much from from this process. Please enjoy my arrangement of This Is My Country in ballad style!

Program note This Is My Country is a patriotic anthem written by Don Raye and Al Jacobs in 1940. First made famous by Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians, it has since been recorded by dozens of artists in choral and march styles. My arrangement begins with a fragmentary introduction which leads to a solo trombone playing the first chorus. Then the trumpets play a verse accompanied by the full band. Sudden changes to double time pepper this section, while a tenor saxophone soloes in the background. One more chorus is presented with each choir in dialogue until the full band climaxes on the line "For this is my country, to have and to hold."

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