Sound and Space

5' overture for orchestra - - timp+3 - harp - strings

Written for and premiered by the Peabody Concert Orchestra on November 30th, 2021

Sound and Space is an explosive concert-opener for orchestra written in celebration of the 150th anniversary of composition at the Peabody Institute. As I was reading about our history I learned something neat about my compositional lineage: my teacher Kevin Puts studied with Joseph Schwantner (Eastman), who studied with Alan Stout (Northwestern), who was himself a graduate of Peabody. In just a few generations the compositional legacy of Peabody has come full circle.

Program note As we celebrate the 150th year of composition at Peabody, I reflect on the generations of prior students with whom I share sound and space. My piece embodies the excitement and optimism of this legacy with brilliant fast passages and lush harmony which culminate in a soaring melody.

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