Fanfare for Our Future

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16' tone poem for orchestra - - timp+3 - strings

Commissioned by the Monmouth Symphony Orchestra, Roy Gussman, Music Director, for its 75th Season Celebration.

Fanfare for Our Future was commissioned by the Monmouth Symphony Orchestra in celebration of their 75th season anniversary. When my dear friend Roy Gussman asked me to compose a piece, my mind was immediately flooded with warm memories of my youth as a student musician. I played trumpet in the NJ State Youth Orchestra under the baton of Mr. Gussman, as well as the All Shore Band under the direction of MSO trumpeter Nicholas Santoro. Principal trombone Carol Swinchoski was my elementary school band teacher. As a fledgling college student, principal flute Jenny Cline commissioned me to compose my woodwind quintet, A Walk Through the Garden. All of these individuals represent the identity of the Monmouth Symphony Orchestra: this is a group of artists who nurture young musicians, knowing that they hold our future. It is a profound joy for teachers and students alike to share the stage and see how far they have come in turning their ineluctable passion into a career in music. Now it is my turn to contribute something to the next generation, and I have done so by composing a piece which broadly embodies the coming of age journey as I experienced it.

Fanfare for Our Future is approximately 16 minutes in one movement. It begins with spacious horn calls and lydian harmonies which evoke the innocent optimism of an ambitious young person. As the dream becomes clearer, the motion increases and we are set on a path to something greater. However, we are suddenly faced with unexpected roadblocks: our path forward comes to a grinding halt and our vision becomes much darker. After grappling with immense frustration and disappointment, we once again set out toward our goal. Although the momentum built does not get us to the final goal, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel: echoes in the horns remind us of how far we've come, and how far we've left to go. A call to action arises and determination meets hard work: the orchestra punctuates an unfailing rhythm, Morse Code for "MSO" (- - . . . - - -). The momentum increases more and more as we near our goal, surrounded by flashbacks of the struggles we have overcome. Finally, success. The bombastic fanfare is starkly contrasted against a new goal: the ascension. The lydian harmonies of our innocent youth have returned transformed; our mortal pursuits have now reached divine serenity, and the music fades away into another dimension.