A Walk Through the Garden

11' Quintet for Woodwinds based on scenic locations in New Jersey

I. The Navesink Twin Lights

II. Allaire State Park

III. The Manasquan Inlet

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Program note:

A Walk Through the Garden is a suite for woodwind quintet inspired by three scenic locations in New Jersey, the Garden State. These places developed deep meaning to me throughout my childhood at the Jersey Shore. They are places of escape, serenity, and energy: each seemingly different worlds, yet geographical neighbors.

The Navesink Twin Lights is a two-tower lighthouse atop a hill overlooking the New York harbor. Standing several hundred feet above the ocean, one can take in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the boldness of this lighthouse which has stood firm since 1862.

Allaire State Park is a historic village dating back to the early-industrial era. Miles of trails immerse visitors in the living and breathing forest, filled with peaceful birds and deer. In the town are quaint buildings: relics of past life.

The Manasquan Inlet is the bridge between sea and land, where wildlife thrives in the form of fish, birds, and plants of many varieties. The beauty of this place is juxtaposed with the turbulent storms it endures during the change of seasons.

It is my wish that A Walk Through the Garden will evoke the energy of these places which mean so much to me, and inspire listeners to reflect on the places that mean something to them.